Thank you Tim.

Thank you Tim.

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This is still funny.


This is still funny.

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why is it that girl pockets are so tiny you can’t even fit money in there and guy pockets are so big they can fit 5 calculators in there

Ugh this.

Ok so today at work I was in the fitting room, and this guy comes up and wants to try on these cargo pants and 2 hoodies, so I patted down the clothes and gave him his #3 card. He eventually comes back out and puts them all on the “no thanks” rack. The pants didn’t have a hanger so I grabbed them to put on a hanger and inside the cargo pocket was an EMPTY SKULLCANDY EAR BUD PACKAGE. He first snuck them into the fitting room by putting them in HIS giant ass pockets and broke them out in the fitting room. GIRLS WEARING GIRL POCKETS COULDN’T DO THIS. 

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DIY Harry Potter Potions Labels Printables from Over the Big Moon here. Plus there is a link on three ways to distress/alter glass bottles that’s worth reading.